It’s a question everyone asks themselves when they add a new furry member to the family. How often should you wash your dog? The answer is simple but it’s not as straightforward as one might initially expect. Keep reading below as we dive into this topic in more detail.

How often to bathe a dog

How often to bathe your dog is not as simple as a set amount of time. Rather, it depends on several factors:


All animals have coats and depending on the breed, they can range from hairless to extremely long and fluffy. This can impact how often to bathe a dog because the longer the hair the more likely they need constant baths to remove dirt and debris.


An animal’s skin can vary drastically. Some animals have dry and irritable skin that may require frequent baths with special shampoos, or they may require rare baths to allow the oil in their skin to build up and fight agitation. On the other hand, an animal may have super oily skin that can cause hot spots and itching, leading to the need for more frequent baths.


The overall health of your dog plays an important role in how often you should bathe them too. Some animals are prone to health conditions that require frequent baths with medicated shampoo to keep symptoms at bay.


Does your dog like to romp in the mud or dirt a lot? If so, they’re probably going to need a bath a lot more often than an animal that prefers to stay indoors or doesn’t like to get dirty in the yard.


No one likes a stinky dog. Some dogs, unfortunately, are more prone to smell when they’ve gone too long between baths. So if they start to stink, this might be a great indication that a bath is necessary in the near future. 

Owners matter too

All this talk about the dog but the owners actually matter too when trying to determine how often you should wash your dog. Some people suffer from allergies that could require their pets receive baths more often so they can fight the effects of their symptoms. Or, sometimes dogs just stink and that’s enough to make anyone want a bath!

Pet washing station

Need to give your dog a bath but not sure you want to do it in your own home? Consider giving your dog a bath at a convenient pet washing station. 

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