Local dog parks are great for our furry friends. They allow pets to romp through the grass with others, play fetch, and get some energy out after a long day inside the house.

You can’t get much better than that, but what happens when your pet gets excited and runs through that monstrous mud puddle? Now you’ve got a tired dog who is covered in mud. Most owners would normally have to shove the dog in the car, drive home quickly and then give the animal a bath in the tub. But what if there was an easier option? 

With a dedicated dog wash in your local park, this major problem can be solved! Not only is this great for the animal but it is good for owners too. No more worrying about dirt and grime in the car. You can wear the dog out and clean them, all in one location.

What is a self service dog wash?

A self service dog wash is a fantastic amenity to add in a local park. The idea is to allow pet owners to take their dogs into the dog washing station so they can give them a bath before heading home for the day, or whenever their schedule allows.

Once inside, you’ll have access to spacious tubs, dog-friendly shampoos, and gentle dryers for complete service while grooming your own dog.

Dog wash benefits

Sounds pretty great, right? Well, here are 3 more incredible benefits to having a self service dog wash in your local park:

Affordable and convenient

A dog wash is incredibly affordable and convenient. They’re located on site and they often only cost a few dollars to operate. You’ll be in and out in no time, with far less money spent than at a dog salon down the street.

Large and clean working space

At a self serve dog wash, you’ll find that there are large and clean working spaces. Got a teacup chihuahua? A mastiff? No problem, the wash basins are large enough to accommodate animals of all sizes. 

No aches and pains

The best part of all, the dog wash at your local park will save your back from some serious pain. No more hunching over the bathroom tub to bathe your dog. The dog basins at a self serve dog wash allow you to clean your animal without hunching over on your hands and knees.

Learn more

Want to learn more about adding a dedicated dog wash to your local park? You’ve come to the right place!

At Dog Wash Systems, USA, we put your animals first. We’ve been the leading producer of dog washes in the country for over a decade and we’re certain that our systems will provide you and your pet a safe environment for luxurious baths.

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