Have you ever considered adding a self-serve pet wash for an extra revenue stream? Whether you currently own a car wash service and are looking to-add on a pet wash to your business, or are interested only in starting a pet wash business, you'll find the same great benefits. With so many successful pet washing stations in the country, savvy consumers are starting to take notice of this exciting and profitable new business venture.

pet wash

The risk is low, the overhead is practically non-existent, and the rewards are only limited by how long it takes you to get set up. In fact, with a targeted customer base already looking for a service like this, dog wash stations practically sell themselves.

Experience the Owner/Operator Benefits of a Self-Serve Pet Wash

  • Great traffic generator
  • Year round application - Installed both outdoors and indoors - Awnings available
  • Vending unit can be removed at any time & ability to turn on unit for free vend option
  • Ability to change price and time to fit any market
  • Stand alone, equipment room enclosed inside the cabinet
  • Sloping tub for easy cleaning and drainage of water/hair
  • Two inch drain for constant flow through hair strainers
  • Easy to read directions for customers
  • Credit card option


  • No ramps necessary - Easy for pet to enter low wash tub via a textured step
  • Six wash cycles (Oat Shampoo, Tearless Shampoo, Flea & Tick Shampoo, Conditioner, Pet Deodorizer, Tub Disinfectant)
  • High volume, high pressure rinse
  • Groomer-grade blow dryer
  • Accepts quarters, tokens, dollar coins, one dollar to twenty dollar bills and optionally, credit cards
  • Non-slip mat in tub
  • Double filtration system to separate hair
  • Easy to read directions and ADA compliant push button controls for customers


  • Easily connects to existing utilities
  • ½ inch Hot & Cold Water Lines
  • P-Trap draining configuration
  • Water usage less than 2 Gallons/minute
  • 110 Volt – 20 amp electric supply
  • Width – 95 inches (Tub = 81", Step = 14")
  • Height – 70 inches
  • Depth – 29 inches
  • Approximate Weight – 600 lbs (Depending on options)
  • Optional Water Heater

That’s all there is to it! You can have a self-serve pet wash up and running in no time at all, turning a profit and making use of otherwise unused space.

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